We serve Daily scuba diving tours and snorkeling by following standard, procedure that meet the prerequisites for quality control of service and safety

Snorkeling Package

Enjoy the tropical underwater marine life during snorkeling, clear calm warm waters with colorful fish and coral, lead by Our Snorkeling guides to show part of interest.

Introductory Dive (1 day)

Prerequisite: filled in and signed Medical statement

This package will introduce the participant to scuba diving, especially 5 basic skills for diving to avoid the problem during your diving activity such as: breathing habits, removing, replacing and clearing the regulator under water, regulator recovery and clear underwater, partially flooded mask and clearing under water (foggy mask clearing) and the alternate air sources use ascent (share air from your buddy). There will be an interesting diving experience without any certification from the diving organization. But the client will get a participation record from our instructor that proves that the participant had an experience in diving. This participant record can also be shown to the other instructors to continuing the diving activity to the higher level.

This program will beat your curiosity to do Scuba diving, how does it feel breathing in a comfortable way underwater and explore the underwater world.  Our professional scuba diving Instructors will introduce you how to dive simply but safely and gently until you feel comfortable, starting from the sallow water to a deeper depth, conditions are calm and clear like in a swimming pool. It will be able to make you feel comfortable until it goes to 12 meters maximum depth.

Bubble Makers (1 day)

Kids, why not?! It is an opportunity for your kids (8 years old) to get experience in scuba diving with specific category activities and gear. This will be one of the experiences they will never forget. The dept of the water that will be explored by the kids is no more than 2 meters. The kids will get a kind of participant record after finishing the activity.

Open water Diver (3 to 5 days), swimming pool, 4 open water dives.

The Open Water diver course will be conducted by active status Scuba diving instructors following standards and procedures. Participants will learn and practice the basic skills to become a safe diver and will be given more knowledge in diving, such as Scuba diving theory, with an independent learning system but meet the certification requirements at the end of the activity with stress free during your holiday.


Advanced open water scuba diver (2 days); Open water or same level diver certification from other organization is required

Advanced Open water course will give you some more challenges to explore the underwater world, and get the 5 adventure dives. You must complete two adventures in diving, namely deep and navigation dives. The other optional adventures are: multilevel, wreck, night, peak performance buoyancy, underwater photography and more.

Referral open water diver (2 days), 4 Open water dives and referral form signed by Instructor who conducted the program before is required.

Get your opportunity to complete your incomplete open water dive course in Tropical Ocean during your holiday. You can meet our Instructor and ask for the schedule, and meet the certification requirements as open water scuba diver in the end of the activity.

Emergency first respond (1 day)


The EFR course will give you the chance to become responder when you counter some accident. You can learn about how to help some one in chocking, stop bleeding management, splinting, bandage, CPR, and how to assemble and use the oxygen. The certification that you will get in the end of the activity can be used to continue the education to be a rescue diver.


Rescue diver (5 days) Advanced open water diver and Emergency responder is required.



This course will give you more understanding why do we need to care to ourselves and care to other people. You will learn about how you can do some important things to help others when some accident are conducted either underwater or surface. For example: Panic diver, unconscious diver and many other. A certificate of this activity you will get as prove that you joined the rescue diver.


Dive master (30 days) Rescue diver certification required.


GO PRO!  This is the entry step to becoming a Professional diver and a member of largest scuba diving organization in the world. You will legally conduct some specific programs, assisting the diving courses, and join to be a part of professional person in scuba diving industry.




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