Lovina reefs


This site is flat, calm, and has warm water. It is the reason why people want to try scuba diving. Lovina reef is the site that can make you feel more comfortable to learn about how to do scuba diving. Black sandy bottom, slope, with coral reef fishes will make different impression under water than any other dive site, easy place to dive, use traditional fisherman boat maximum 3 divers. They will bring us about 400 meters from shore line. It takes about 15 minutes to the dive sites.


Secret bay macro dive


Flat, calm, sandy, muddy bottom, less visibility, sallow, sometime temperature of the water is about 20 degrees Celsius (That is cold for Bali!).

For your information, there are lots of rubbish underwater, broken shoes, useless boat sunk, and coral project with unwell grow coral but this is one of the best places to hunt rare fishes like Frog fish, mandarins, ghost pipe fish, and sea horses.  Underwater macro photographers will always want to stay underwater for more than 1 hour per dive.


Menjangan Island


This Island is about 6000 ha. and consists of 10 dive sites. White sandy beaches and bottoms. It is a part of west of Bali National park. The crystal water makes visibility can be unbelievable (30 meters). Coral reef grows very well about 85% healthy in depth of 3 meters to 40 meters. It has more than 60 fish families with different genus life are very well here. It also makes this site an excellent place for snorkeling.

Drop-off Menjangan Island can be really challenging. This site is abandoned by the guard post that has abroad channel in guiding divers to surface.

The dive offers spectacular corals and many deep crevices and fissures, small caves, garden ells, sleeping groupers, big school of big eye jack fishes. Often, we find black and white tips reef sharks (vegetarian sharks, lol ^_^), and Green turtles. Occasionally, we can find eagle ray, manta ray, whale shark and Mola-mola (sun fish, moon fish, and mambo).

Menjangan Island is about 70 km west of Lovina and it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes by car to the harbor. And it takes and 30 minutes by boat to the Island.


Pemuteran bay


A community-driven reef restoration and conservation project started in 2000.

That is not only change reef itself but also the attitudes of livelihood. It helps the development of the economy sector for the entire region.

Bio-rock is the technology used that uses low voltage electrical current on artificial underwater structures to encourage growth coral using wind mill and solar system.

It is just 20 meters from shore line, sallow water, shore entry, and clear water.  Coral grows very well because the project is well maintained.

Many fish life well because of corals are very health, very easy place to do snorkeling and diving.



Underwater temple


From Pemuteran bay, it takes about 20 minutes to get there by traditional boat village organization. There is a dive site project built by the community of the entire region’s divers.

When diving the underwater temple it makes us feel like we are actually visiting an old Hindu temple. In this site we will do the deep water entry. So that the advanced certified diver required to dive here.


Puri  jati macro dive


Puri Jati dive site is required for underwater photographers. This site is very famous with its macro diving.

It is probably good for photographers and certainly should be attempted by those who have patience to dig around for small and interesting creatures.

It is black sand beach, black sandy bottom with sparse section of seaweeds, sea pens, and soft coral, octopus, pipe seahorses, decorator crabs, small anemone, mimic octopus, uncountable interesting crabs and shrimps, and regular seahorses.


Highly recommended for muck divers to search something new and interesting marine life.





The ship was made by sinking a patrol ship. Local people called it Kubu Ship Wreck. The ship is 150 tons weight and 85 meters length, located at the depth approximately 13 – 30 meters.

The ship was sunk in October 2012, no coral growing on the boat yet, not many fishes live there. It makes the atmosphere seems not only “creepy” but also very challenging. The shape and also the sensation in this site must be felt by divers. The ship was decorated by many Buddhist statues; there was also a box that looks like a treasure box containing several bottles of liquor; also was sunk of VW Safari car; there are still many interesting things that can be seen there.




The American Ship USAT Liberty was an armed cargo steamship that was torpedoed by Japanese in 1942.

The years under the sea have transformed it to one of Bali’s artificial reefs.

Stunning gorgonian sea fans, huge barrel sponges coral all flourish here.

The dive master will help you to identify part of ship.

The ship surrounded by over than 50 different fish family and genus, this site also rich with the small creatures that make this site perfect for level of divers and to see the ship even you are snorkeling.

Shore dive is 78 km east of Lovina or around 1 hour 30n minutes by car.





On the north east coast of Tulamben bay or 800 meters from USA liberty ship wreck, there is plankton-rich water.

There are three main dive sites provide totally different physical environments.

The black sandy bottom, a rocky point beach entry  following rocky fall off sharply underwater to create deep drop-off where big fishes like whale shark and sunfish have been found.

Shore and boat dive, excellent deep wall, good site to do some snorkeling as well.




Another spots to get great macro searching and pictures. Shore dive following by black sandy slope bottom, rich with small creatures like pipe fishes, cuttlefishes, regular sea horses, fire fish, pigmy seahorses, mimic octopus, frog fishes, nudibranch, interesting crabs, shrimp and more, 3 kilometer east cost of Tulamben bay, easy shore entry dive.


AMED/ Jemeluk bay


That several dive sites in Amed with shore entry or boat entry.

The dive sites in this area are almost easy to dive and perfect for all level category of divers. It has black sandy beaches and bottom.

The underwater water marine life around is healthy with some interesting underwater coral project that was covered by soft coral. Lots of big sponge and fan coral, big groupers hiding under big table corals, mini wall full of colorful soft corals make this site can be a relax place to do snorkeling and long diving.

It can be reached 2 hours by car from Lovina or about 90 kilometer from Lovina.





Lipah Bay is quiet place, black sandy bay about 3km southeast of Amed and home of a 20 meters steel freighter wreck. The wreck sits at 6 – 12 meters between a reef and the sandy bottom and it is encrusted with gorgonians, sponges and black coral bushes. The slope down away from the wreck is rich and healthy and fish live here is also good. Pipefish, shrimps, seahorses and dragonfish can be found in the right conditions here. Although the area is relatively small, Lipah Bay Reef gives a good snorkeling site.







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