True scuba was established on January 1st, 2014 by I Putu Mangku. He is a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor. His career in the diving industry started in 1998 from filling scuba tanks, repairing diving equipment, guiding snorkeling tours, Divemaster until now. He became a PADI scuba diving instructor with more than 280 diver certifications, starting from PADI Open Water level to PADI Dive master.


Vision and Mission


True scuba is the first diving operator which made a right concept of diving. It is concerned with the safety of the divers and also makes the ecology environment its main priority.


  1. To create a well organized diving operator to support the diving activity.
  2. To make diving activities more interesting.
  3. Together with the other divers to keep the marine; especially the under water’s life ecosystem.
  4. To keep good quality of services for clients or divers.
  5. To be aware of the environment by submitting donations for PADI Under Water Project AWARE.


Why find the blind spot?

“FIND THE BLIND SPOT” is a motto of True Scuba Diving Operator which reflects that the world of scuba diving is very broad. Sometimes, something that is very close underwater is difficult to be explored or we can say TO FIND THE HIDDEN POINT!
Our staff qualification and value
Our staff consists of people who have experience as a Scuba Diving instructor and dive master, who are familiar with the dive sites, listen, understand, and appreciate in order to create the best service possible. We put the activity in the appropriate sites, category, ratio between participant and professional (Snorkelers, Introductory Divers, Dive Courses, Beginner Divers, Refresher Divers, Experienced Divers, Photographer Divers, Muck Divers, etc).


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